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Monday, February 11, 2013

Download Samsung S Voice For Rooted Android Phones

Download Samsung S Voice For Rooted Android Phones

Samsung S Voice

Samsung's S voice is the answer for Apple's SIRI, an intelligent personal assistants for smartphones. With Samsung S Voice you can: 
  • Place a Call - One can easily send commands to call their contacts.
  • Send a Text - You can send text messages to your loved once with Samsung S Voice
Samsung s voice text sending capabilities
  • Set and Alarm - Set your alarms in your smartphones with S voice 
Samsung s voice alarm
  • Get Directions - 
s voice maps
  • Check the weather
s voice weather
  • Play Music
S voice play music
  • Set a Calender Event
s voice calender event
  • Search the web
S voice web search
  • Ask: When was Abraham Lincoln born? & same questions...
S voice question
  • Updating Social Networks
S voice social networks
  • Movie Showtime
s voice movie showtime

Samsung S Voice is an amazing personal assistant for android. Download it for rooted android phones.

Download : 29.1MB

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